History of Steam Power Company

History of Steam Power Company: Steam Power Company has officially started operating since 1989 with the aim of providing services in the installation and construction sector and with the use of experts and experts in this field. In 1992, it cooperated with Iran Quality and Standard Inspection Company. It is responsible for supervising the construction and production of boilers, hot water and hot water. The products of this company are designed and produced according to national standards 7911 and 4231 and international BS2790855 and DIN4757. The efforts of experienced specialists and hard-working colleagues, this company succeeded in receiving the first mandatory national standard mark for boilers in the vast province of Khorasan.

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Steam boiler

Boilers have been a useful source of energy for centuries. With a simple start-up, it combines water and heat to produce pressurized steam, which is easily used for indoor heating, power engines and other applications. There are many types of boilers and each one is used for a specific purpose. These powerful machines, while safe, have dangers such as fire and explosion.

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Hot oil boiler (oil heater)

Hot oil heating system is integrated and cooled (Oil Tube) in horizontal and vertical models according to international standards API and DIN 4754 and from 100.000Kcal / h to 6.000.000 Kcal / h capacity and all manufacturing operations are supervised It is done directly by the company’s quality control unit.

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Hot water boiler and hot water

All hot water boilers manufactured by Steam Power Company are produced according to international standards BS855 and national standard SIR7911. Which is designed and manufactured under the supervision of Iran Quality and Standard Inspection Company and is presented with quality control plate and standard mark. Design and construction of all boilers is based on the plans approved by the inspection company, which are designed with the latest reviews by design experts. Available to this company.

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Why choose power steam?

Equipping many industrial and installation projects of hospitals – refineries and commercial-residential complexes with the products of Steam Energy Company throughout the country and neighboring countries is an honor that is the result of consumer trust in this complex.

Extent and variety in the company’s products and different capacities provide the possibility of proper selection in all industrial projects and facilities of hospitals, hotels and complexes, etc.

The management of Bukhar Niroo Company, with its emphasis on attitude and customer attraction, has made continuous optimization in the processes related to the production of products and improving the production quality of the products and systems governing the company its top priority.

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