Pipe production methods

In general, pipes are made seamless and seamless

1- Seamed pipe

Seamed pipes are generally made by bending and welding the edges of a metal strap. In this method, first make a metal strap

Paid to make the edge look exactly the same. Then, by passing the belt through the furnace, it is heated to the appropriate temperature. Then cross

The belt is made of a number of rollers, the belt is gradually bent and shaped into a tube so that its edges gradually meet.

Due to the pressure from the rollers to the belt, the edges are welded together and a tube is formed. Sometimes a gas flame or an electric arc (with the electrode or alone) is used to help.


2- Seamless pipe

Seamless pipes in various ways including sand casting, centrifugal casting, forging and deep drawing, Hodeideh

Extrusion die is machined and produced.

From pipes produced by casting, forging and deep drawing methods for special purposes (production of ball pipes, pressure vessels, etc.)

It is used and our uncle has no application in the plumbing industry. And refuses to deal with the method of their production.

A- Production of pipe by Extrusion die method:

In this method, the metals are heated to a kneading temperature, then pressed out of the mold and a flask is sent out.

When passing through the mold, it comes out as an empty tube. Producing pipes in this way is costly and costly.

B- Production of pipe by Mainsman method:

In this method, a round, solid metal rod is heated and then passed through two incomplete tapered rollers. As a result of this metal rod

The rollers are always oval in shape, which causes a slit in the longitudinal direction of the ellipse in the rod. Then by passing one

The metal pin is shaped into a hollow tube inside the rod hole.

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