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Hot oil boiler, hot oil boiler, hot oil heater


Hot oil pot

Hot oil heating system is integrated and cooled (Oil Tube) in horizontal and vertical models according to international standards API and DIN 4754 and from a capacity of 100.000Kcal / h to 6.000.000 Kcal / h and all manufacturing operations are supervised It is done directly by the company’s quality control unit.




Applications of hot oil boiler:

  • Textile Industries: Heating and Heating Dyeing Machines, Calenders, Stencil Dryers, Washing and Drying Machines
  • Synthetic Leather and Carpet Industries: Heating and Heating Dryers and Printing Machines.
  • Chemical industries: heating autoclaves, paint and polishing industries, mixers, reactors and polymerization machines.
  • Wood industry: wood and neon dryers and wood veneers
  • Paper industry: Drying hoods, drying chambers and drying cylinders.
  • Food industry: fryers and distillation machines and fat decomposition machines – heating of boilers for candy and bin production
  • Combined industries: Polymerization machines, extruders and calenders ..
  • Bitumen industries: Heating tanks, mixers and separators Miscellaneous uses: Indirect steam production, hot water production, heat
  • exchanger, ambient air heating and
  • Cooling devices …




Technical advantages:

  • Adjustable temperature up to 350 ° C at low pressure (circulation pump pressure)
  • High efficiency combined with fuel saving.
  • High reliability in the design of interior components and body
  • It does not have any deposits or erosion in the pipe, so the useful life of the device is much longer than the steam system.
  • No risk of frost (this device can be installed outdoors).
  • Position in both vertical and horizontal positions ..
  • Coils and tanks can be removed from the shell during service and repair.
  • Use of highly accurate controllers made in European countries.
  • The hinged doors of the boiler have provided the possibility of quick and easy service and repair.
  • Simple but efficient and useful control system.
  • Less time to reach the desired temperature than the boiler.