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The devices that are used to produce steam are called boilers and its steam is used to rotate all types of turbines and sometimes heat furnaces. Boilers are divided into several types, including boilers used in power plants. Boilers are also available in smaller dimensions. In power plants, boilers are super heat and because of the need for very high pressure, it is also called superheated. But in small boilers, the steam is saturated.

The components of boilers include several items, which we will introduce in the following. But before that, let’s check the water supply status in boilers. The most common liquid entering boilers is water, which enters the boiler in stages and turns into steam.

Usually the main parts of water transfer to the boiler can be named and divided into the following categories

  • Water supply source
  • Sand filter
  • Stiff

But the components of boilers include the following:

  • Water glass: Shows the water level inside the boiler.
  • Dual-burner burners: Shows the boiler pressure gauge.
  • Alarm (Pressure Switch): Activates and warns the alarm sensor when the pressure rises too high.
  • Boiler electrical panels and equipment
  • Pump: The pumps used in the boiler have a type of class screw which is known as an electric motor actuator.
  • Chimney: Burnt gases are expelled through this chimney.
  • Underwater: It is an outlet that removes sediment from the bottom of the boiler.
  • Thermal sensors: Thermal sensors are actually a type of pressure gauge that, of course, measure the steam produced by the boiler,
  • which is at a very high temperature, by these sensors.
  • Safety valve: In case of technical defect in any of the parts of the boiler that causes the pressure to rise too much, this valve will operate and release the pressure.
  • Trap: A unit that collects condensed steam. Of course, it is also called water trap or steam trap.

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