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Chemical industries: heating autoclaves – paints, polishes and mixers – reactors and polymerization machines ..

Bitumen and petroleum products industries: Bitumen and fuel oil heating tanks and other products, mixers and separators ..

Artificial leather and carpet industries: heating and heating dryers and printing machines

Wood industry: wood dryers, neo-pan and wood veneers

Paper industry: drying cylinders, drying chambers, drying hoods

Textile Industry: Heating and Heating Dyeing Machines, Calenders, Stenter Dryers and Machines

Wash and dry …

Food industry: fryers and distillers, mass decomposition machines – heating of cooking machines in restaurants and kettles ..

Miscellaneous uses: indirect production of steam and hot water and heat exchangers and heating of ambient air and cooling devices ….

بدون دیدگاه

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