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Hot water boiler

All hot water boilers made by Steam Niroo Company are produced according to international standards BS855 and national standard SIR7911. Which is designed and manufactured under the supervision of Iran Quality and Standard Inspection Company and is presented with quality control plate and standard mark. Design and construction of all boilers is based on the plans approved by the inspection company with the latest inspections by design experts. Available to this company



The capacity of hot water boilers is from 150000kcal / h to 5000000Kcal / h in the form of 2 passes and 3 passes with working pressure of 6, 8, 10 times. The maximum allowable water temperature of the hot water boiler is 90 ° C and the hot water boiler is 130 ° C. Be.




The design of the boiler is done with a maximum pressure of 1.1 times the working pressure and with a pressure of 1.5 times the design pressure, the hydrostatic test is performed. Consumption for penetration and complementary welds of E6010 and E7018, which is used in accordance with the relevant WPS and PQR.




All consumable flanges are of PN16 standard type. The design and construction of boiler doors are hinged and opening, which facilitates possible repairs of the boiler. It can withstand and does not need a concrete foundation. The exhaust outlet has a thermometer to show the outlet temperature and a smoke thermostat to adjust the temperature to a certain temperature in order to prevent energy loss and ensure proper operation of the boiler and burner.