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The most common liquid used in a boiler is water. Thus, in order for this liquid to reach the boiler, watering must be done through a special process. Therefore, the following steps must be done before watering the boiler, and the three basic and important items for you are listed below.
In the first stage, water must first be obtained from the source, which is the most common source of deep wells.

In the second stage, the water must pass through a sand filter, which works in such a way that it collects solid particles suspended in the water and settles them in different classes such as sand, silica and rock. In the next filters, the water purification process takes place.
But in the third stage, the hardness of the water must be taken.

Thus, to separate the hardness of water, we must separate the two elements calcium and magnesium from water. If these two elements are not separated, the water in the boiler will boil like in a kettle and it will go away. Also, the presence of these two elements causes deposits on the surface between the pipes and increases energy, and later, in order to clean the pipes, in addition to incurring high costs, we also have to stop the production line.

But how to get water hardness is that there are two tanks, in the first tank has a three-dimensional resin texture, which combines with magnesium to form RMg and eliminates water hardness. But this water can not be used in the same way because we cause the loss of resin and we must regenerate these resins in the second tank. Niroo Steam Company is a manufacturer of boilers that you can products See us from the first page of the website.

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